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You’ll start the day meeting your PLT representative. They will present you with your match-day package: a Manchester City personalised replica jersey and a Manchester City scarf to get you prepared and pumped up for the day. We’ll pick you up straight from your hotel in our first-class transportation to take you to Manchester.

Photo of a tram in central Manchester
Photo of entrance to National Football Museum

Next you will go to the iconic National Football Museum to soak in the steeped history of football in England throughout the generations. A museum like no other, where you can see everything the world of football has to offer. Then we’ll have food and drinks in the football sports bar where you’ll be surrounded by historical football artifacts. After that, it’s memorabilia shopping in the Manchester City Club shop, getting some unique items for friends and family.

Photo of entrance to National Football Museum

It’s build up time! We’ll take you to a historical Manchester fan pub to soak in the atmosphere for the big day and watch some live football. Then it’s over to the world famous Etihad stadium to watch some of the best players in the world warm up for the big game and get comfortable. The Big Game. Live Premier League football. The highlight of the day, watching the teams battling head to head for glory. After the game you will be picked up and chauffeured: to a high-end restaurant for something to eat, to a top-end bar to experience the nightlife, or back to your hotel to relax and reminisce about your exciting day. You choose; your driver awaits.

Photo of Etihad Stadium in Manchester from the pitch, with the Manchester City logo on the pitch